Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board of Directors draws from diverse backgrounds and expertise to provide strategic oversight and governance that ensure the school’s mission is upheld. They work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to develop policies, set long-term goals, and make critical decisions that impact our operations and academic programs. The Board plays a crucial role in guiding the school toward achieving its strategic vision and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

2023-2024 Board of Directors


The board of directors meets monthly on campus. A portion of the meeting is open and available for parents to attend, online or on campus, though seating may be limited. Each Spring, the Board hosts the KAS Parent Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is also open to the KAS community. Minutes for previous AGMs and Open Board Meetings, as well as important school documents can be found below.

Board Meeting Minutes and School Documents

Strategic Vision
Our Mission and Values
Our People