Athletics and scholarship go hand in hand. We believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. At KAS, students are emboldened to push themselves and grow through our many athletics programs.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education (PE) is an integral part of the KAS curriculum and classes are offered to all students through Grade 9. Through these classes we equip students with the ability and skills to lead an active and healthy life knowledgeably, responsibly, and vigorously. The overarching goal of the PE program is to inspire our students to become individuals who take life-long personal responsibility for engaging in health-related physical activity because they recognize the intrinsic rewards of being active in the ways they enjoy.

Competitive Sports

KAS students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sporting opportunities, at all levels. From swimming, volleyball, and soccer, to baseball, basketball, and more, our competitive athletic programs help prepare our students to be balanced individuals. Our calendar has three seasons for high school and four seasons for middle school. In addition, there are club sports for children in Grades K-–5.

Our sports team, the KAS Dragons, publishes up-to-date information about all current athletic events on their website, KAS-Athletics .

Meet our Athletics Faculty & Staff