Student Clubs

Student-Led Exploration Beyond the Classroom

Student-led clubs are a vibrant cornerstone of the KAS experience. Created by students, for students, these clubs encourage all of our students to explore passions, foster connections, and cultivate leadership skills.

We offer a variety of clubs tailored to every age group. Elementary students can participate in range of after school clubs, providing opportunities for enrichment and exploration beyond the traditional classroom setting.

In middle school and high school, clubs are seamlessly integrated into the school day, allowing students to engage in their interests while fostering a balanced academic experience. Our older students are also active in the community, initiating service activities, performing on stage at local venues, competing at with peers from other international and local schools, among other activities.

From the excitement of Robotics and the strategy of Chess, to the inclusive atmosphere of Spectrum and the altruism of Art for Charity, there’s a club for every interest at KAS. While each club benefits from the guidance of a dedicated faculty or staff advisor, it’s the students who initiate, organize, and drive club activities forward with enthusiasm and creativity.

These student-led initiatives not only provide avenues for personal growth and expression but also serve as hubs of collaboration, where students can forge lasting friendships and make meaningful contributions to our school community and beyond. Students clubs are just one way that KAS students are encouraged to shape their own experiences and lead the way in creating a vibrant and inclusive campus culture.


Continue your Dragon Story

Elementary School

Nurturing Our Youngest Dragons

Middle School

A Journey to Knowledge and Identity

High School

Producing a confident, independent young adult.