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Local applicants may apply by sending your CV and cover letter to joinourteam@kas.tw

Substitute Teacher

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, not-for-profit day school established in 1989 for the children of expatriate families in Kaohsiung. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and offers the IB’s MYP and DP programmes. We receive annual grants and sponsorship from the US State Department. 

At KAS, we provide exemplary, holistic academic and co-curricular programs that meet the needs of each student. We embrace collaboration, creativity and professionalism as we model a balanced learning environment. We have a strong commitment to professional development which aligns with schoolwide and personal learning goals.

Kaohsiung American School moved into its beautiful, purpose-built campus buildings in 2016. We are recognized as the premier international school in southern Taiwan. We currently enroll 770 students from 40+ countries, although most of our students share Taiwanese heritage and Mandarin as a first language. 

Substitute Teacher Role

A substitute teacher will be hired when a teacher or teaching assistant (TA) is not able to perform their duties due to medical, professional, or personal reasons. A substitute teacher may be asked to teach classes in lieu of a teacher for one day or multiple days/weeks depending upon the amount of time the teacher or TA will be absent.  

Skills & Dispositions Required:

  • enthusiasm
  • imagination
  • energy
  • adaptability
  • patience
  • responsibility
  • punctuality

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Deliver lesson plans as communicated by the teacher, using technology as necessary (laptop, projector, iPad, Google documents, etc)
  • Motivates and encourages children, maintaining effective classroom management practices as established by the teacher.
  • Responsible for the constant supervision, safety and well being of the children.
  • Respect students’ diversity, including language, culture, race, gender and special needs. 
  • Maintain a climate of trust and teamwork in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding children as a priority, and participate in mandatory online Child Protection training (provided by KAS). 
  • Mandatory reporter for child protection issues as per the KAS Child Protection and Community Wellness handbook. 
  • Promote a positive school climate among students, staff and community.
  • Monitors student behavior in a nurturing, non-punitive manner and reports promptly to the principal or the regular teacher as necessary. 

General Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • English proficiency
  • Previous experience working with children (preferred)

Hiring Process

Parties interested in being added to the KAS substitute teacher list will submit a resume, a letter of intent, current police background check  and current reference to joinourteam@kas.tw.  Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a member of the admin team  and references will be contacted.

Kaohsiung American School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and holds memberships in the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), AISA and other regional and global school associations. Our campus includes certified LEED Gold and Silver facilities. 

Please visit our website at https://www.kas.tw to learn more about the school.

Junior Accountant and Payroll Clerk


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or a related field.

  • Proficiency in payroll processing and relevant software/tools.

  • Strong understanding of accounting principles and practices.

  • Knowledge of labor laws and regulations related to payroll processing is advantageous.

  • Ability to work independently and handle responsibilities effectively.

  • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in work.

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • The applicant’s level of English language proficiency will be a factor considered by the hiring institution.


Job Description:

  • Conduct accurate and timely payroll processing for employees.

  • Ensure adherence to payroll-related laws and regulations.

  • Manage and maintain payroll records and documentation.

  • Calculate wages, overtime, and deductions accurately.

  • Handle salary calculations, including substitute payments as required.

  • Process additions/withdrawals of labor and health insurance.

  • Assist in comprehensive income tax settlement and declaration, particularly for overseas employment contracts.

  • Manage individual income tax declaration procedures.

  • Process applications for salary income withholding certificates.

  • Handle withholding and non-withholding tax statement procedures.

  • Conduct salary income reconciliation for precise tax reporting purposes.

  • Provide support in accounts receivable (or accounts payable) operations.

  • Support other financial functions in the Business Office effectively.

Join Us


General qualifications include two years of teaching experience, a teaching certificate, technological confidence, a willingness to participate in the school’s extra-curricular program, and a commitment to excellence in a student-centered school.

Preferred qualifications include a flexible and “can do” approach to teaching, a sense of humor, and a desire to contribute to school improvement as a team player.

Child Protection Policy

At KAS we believe that every child has the right to a safe and secure learning environment. To ensure the safety of our children and our community, we conduct rigorous background checks on all employees before making a job offer. Candidates will be asked to submit background/criminal checks and at least three references, two of whom must be current or former supervisors that can be contacted and spoken to. In addition, KAS has clear policies and guidelines for child protection as documented in its Child Protection and Safeguarding Handbook.

Teacher Package

There are a lot of great reasons to work at KAS. You’ll be working on a modern campus, with large well-lit, air-conditioned classrooms. The campus is built for technology, from the bus stop to the desktop. You’ll be issued a MacBook computer, with a rapid upgrade cycle based on returning contracts. Professionally, you’ll grow as an educator with regular access to professional development on- and off-campus.

Financially, KAS offers a competitive salary and an increasing longevity bonus, so there’s a good opportunity for savings. The generous teacher package also includes an optional retirement program with school matching, on-campus access to banking and financial planners, and a housing and utility allowance that will allow you to live in one of Kaohsiung’s many desirable neighborhoods near the school, and convenient to dining, entertainment, and shopping.

To get you started off right, KAS provides flight, shipping, and settling-in allowances. And while we hope you never need it, you’ll be covered from the start by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program, one of the top-rate healthcare systems in the world. Additionally, group and supplemental coverage are offered by the school as needed.

If you’re joining KAS as a family with school-age children, tuition waivers are available for dependents.

Life in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is one of the most pleasant and affordable cities in Asia! From bustling cities to mountains and beaches, a vibrant and welcoming culture, one of the best healthcare systems in the world, a low cost living, and more, Taiwan is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live for expats. 

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