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Last Updated: 08:00 AM 2022-08-11

MS/HS Schedule: Standard

Visitors: By appointment only.

What Should I Do If I Have COVID Symptoms?

All community members must stay home if they have COVID symptoms. If you have symptoms, a rapid test is recommended by the health authorities.

Reporting a Positive COVID Result

All employees should contact school nurse Shu-Ping Liu for support if they suspect or confirm that they are positive. KAS no longer requires students or parents to report to the school for confirmed cases at home.

When Is It Required to Be Off-Campus? 

  • Confirmed Case: The new protocol for confirmed cases is 7+0 days. A confirmed case must isolate at home for seven days but on day eight they are freed from quarantine if they are symptom-free. There is no rapid test requirement. Symptom-free students can attend classes and teachers can teach classes beginning on day eight. 
  • Overseas Arrival: According to the BOE, international travelers must still follow the 3+4 protocol before they can be in the classroom for in-person learning. Close contacts who live in the same home as the confirmed case must also follow the 3+4 quarantine requirement (0+7 if they have had at least three vaccinations) and are allowed to attend school on day eight if they are symptom-free. 
  • Contact with a Confirmed Case: KAS considers you to be a close contact if you are living with a confirmed case. Follow the 0 + 7 protocol.

If you meet the requirements for Close Contact, you are expected to perform a rapid test within 24 hours. Employees may contact Shu-Ping if they need assistance obtaining or performing the rapid test. 

These protocols are based on the most recent guidelines from the BOE and the CECC and are subject to change.

Who is Considered A Close Contact?

A “close contact” is determined as someone who lives in the same household with a confirmed positive COVID case in the previous 48 hours.

What is Self-Health Management?

During self-health management (SHM), you may go out of your home and must wear a mask at all times. You should not enter densely populated areas, and you cannot eat in a restaurant.

Who can be on Campus?

Students who are healthy are welcomed on campus. Families may come to campus for scheduled meetings with an appointment. Registration is required at the main gate.

KAS Response Team

Our Response Team meets regularly to review and discuss data from reliable, official sources, which include among others, the Taiwan CECCTaiwan Ministry of Education, and the American Institute in Taiwan. We will continue to collaborate closely with our Board of Directors and keep our community fully informed.

Campus Measures

KAS has a 100% mask usage policy. All staff, faculty, and students are required to wear a mask while on campus. Students may remove their masks for eating and drinking, as well as at certain times during physical activity when directed by a teacher. A social distancing requirement of 1.5m is observed during these times.

The school’s facilities team ensures that all surfaces, railings, and handles are disinfected hourly and that each classroom has liquid soap and disinfection spray available.

Of course, the most vital element of our safety plan is the continued support and cooperation from our parent community. Each of you helps to keep KAS students safe by monitoring your own child’s temperature before sending them to school, and by keeping them home when they have a fever or feel sick. Together, we can provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone to learn and grow.