Health & Safety

Online Learning Notice

KAS will move to online classes on May 19th. Click here for more details.

KAS is proud to continue face-to-face instruction in the 2020-2021 school year. While our campus remains closed to visitors except by appointment, students are enjoying engaging classroom time with their teachers, enriching outdoor activities during PE and breaks, and a wide array of specials, extracurricular clubs, and athletics offerings that allow our students to lead a balanced school day.

Our Response Team meets regularly to review and discuss data from reliable, official sources, which include among others, the Taiwan CECCTaiwan Ministry of Education, and the American Institute in Taiwan. We will continue to collaborate closely with our Board of Directors and keep our community fully informed.

Campus Accommodations

KAS has a 100% mask usage policy. All staff, faculty, and students are required to wear a mask while on campus. Students may remove their masks for eating and drinking, as well as certain times during physical activity when directed by a teacher. A social distancing requirement of 1.5m is observed during these times.

The school’s facilities team ensures that all surfaces, railings, and handles are disinfected hourly, and that each classroom has liquid soap and disinfection spray available.

Of course, the most vital element of our safety plan is the continued support and cooperation from our parent community. Each of you help to keep KAS students safe by monitoring your own child’s temperature before sending them to school, and by keeping them home when they have a fever or feel sick. Together, we can provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone to learn and grow.