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Welcome to the community for Kaohsiung American School alumni! At KAS, graduates, former students, and faculty are all Dragons and you are all our valued alumni. We are glad you are here! This is your place to stay connected to alumni events and reunions and keep in touch with KAS. Each year we plan several events in Taiwan and abroad for alumni. The Kaohsiung American School Alumni Association’s purpose is to enable KAS graduates to remain better connected to their school and to one another, and to enjoy the school spirit and sense of family that is a hallmark of KAS. Join us on social media and reconnect with KAS. Once a Dragon, always a Dragon!

KAS Alumni are frequently invited back to Kaohsiung to speak to current students, coach, perform, play alumni basketball games, and connect with former teachers and staff. You can also volunteer as a class representative to outreach to former students from your graduating class to stay connected.

We invite you to connect with us so that we can honor your success and share it with our school community. We have become a worldwide network of Dragons, and the more we support each other, the more successful we all become.

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KAS alumni are welcome to come back to Kaohsiung American School to say visit. Please check-in with the guard station with identification and then continue to the school to connect with friends and staff or for special events.

Email: alumni@kas.tw

Alumni Co-Coordinator:
Cerise Roth-Vinson
Alumni Co-Coordinator:
Vivien Huang

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