Vivian, Class of 2025

As a KAS student since Pre-K, Vivian has seen change in herself as a student as well as change in the school around her. She began her studies at the school its previous incarnation and was able to witness the transformation to its modern home as a rising G3 student. “I basically grew up here. I felt welcome by the community.”

Vivian recalls the small campus feel, but is quick to point out the social and academic opportunities that she’s afforded in today’s KAS Middle School have helped her find balance in new ways. When she’s not focusing on classwork, she enjoys ballet dancing and K-Pop. “My schedule can be really hectic. Relaxing or watching movies helps me to balance. The opportunity here to interact and socialize help me to break up my day.”

Most importantly, Vivian has fun learning at KAS. “My favorite thing is my friends. And my classes are exciting, whether it’s an experiment in science, a field trip, or a performance.”

Vivian’s advice to new students is that it’s OK to be overwhelmed at first. “Our Peer Leaders are very welcoming. It’s important to be who you really are on the inside. Take up an extra-curricular option to stretch your brain to think in new ways, and to meet new friends.”

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