Families at the KAS Library

How Can Families Use the Library?

Parents may visit the library after school from 3:20pm – 5pm every weekday, except Wednesday, and on the first Saturday of each month, 8:30am – 12:30pm. While in the library, please be a role model for our students: speak in library voices and keep the library a mobile free zone. Elementary students and young guests must be supervised at all times.

Prior to your first visit, please create a library account, by clicking on “Create a Patron Account” below. If you have an account, not only can you check out books from the library, you can also enjoy our digital or audio books. These can be found by clicking on the above tab, “Search For Books,” and following the directions there.

Without an account, you are still able to access digital and audiobooks from our digital subscription service, TumbleBooks, by clicking on the “Digital Reading” tab above. Passwords can be found on that page. Our online news/magazine service, PressReader, is also found on the Digital Reading page, but can only be accessed while on school property.

As a KAS Parent, you also have access to our school databases, which can be found by clicking on “Online Databases” above. These are paid services that our students use to research and explore new learning.

To find other available resources for you and your child such as free online resources, more digital reading options, or a curated list of databases, click on your child’s school below:

How Does My Child Use the Library?

Elementary students select books to support independent reading with their teachers on a weekly basis.  The number of books they check out depends on their grade level, teacher, and the number of times they visit the library, ranging from 1 book to 6 books. KAS believes that self selection is an important part of becoming an independent reader. (Click here for more information on self selection at KAS). Elementary students may only select books from the Elementary side of the library; any books selected from the Secondary side must be with parent or teacher approval and supervision.

Students, PK through 1st grade, enjoy a story read aloud to them every or every other week in the library before selecting their books.

Middle school and High school students may visit the library before school, during their breaks, and after school. Secondary students may check out up to ten books for two weeks from either the Elementary or Secondary side of the library.

On top of checking out books, our students are also learning about how to best use the library and all its resources. The Librarian collaborates and co-plans with teachers to teach information literacy skills ranging from using the online catalog to find a book in 3rd grade to using a database to research their Extended Essay topic at the DP level. Lessons at the elementary level are more frequent.

An overview of the elementary skills taught can be seen below:

Lessons at the Secondary level depend on grade, subject, and need.

The KAS Library is also a great place for our Secondary students to study. We have various spaces for quiet study, considerate study, and conversational study in one of our four study rooms.

Take a look at our FAQ page for answers to common questions. If you can’t find your answer there, email me at kbell@kas.tw.

We look forward to reading with you and your family!