Elementary School

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it."

Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie

Nurturing Our Youngest Dragons

We believe that providing a community for children early on to discover and explore who they are is the foundation for future success. How children see themselves as problem solvers, communicators, and learners shapes their identity and values as they grow and develop. 

Laughter, joy, and smiling students fill the halls of the KAS Elementary School. Students are encouraged to learn through play, work through challenges, and make new friends in the safe and welcoming environments we’ve purposefully created. Dedicated and caring teachers provide an academically rigorous and challenging program that fosters a love of learning and stretches our students to their full potential.

Success Stories

Mervyn, Class of 2033

My favorite part about KAS is my teacher because she helps me learn new things. Children can learn new things.

Kaden ’30

KAS is a really great school. There is always a new challenge you can face so you can learn. Learning is important and all the teachers I have at KAS show me different ways of learning. My favorite books are biographies.

Emma, Class of 2028

My favorite thing to learn at KAS is Math because you use it all the time. I like that we have different cultures. I like that the teachers are nice and help you when you need help at school.

Staff & Faculty

Amber Lin

Teaching Assistant

Angel Taylor

Kindergarten Homeroom

Angela Kuo

Grade 5

Audrey Sifunganyambe

Teaching Assistant

Carina Corey


Catherine Lin

Laboratory Technician

Charlene Lin

English Language Acquisition (ES)

Charlotte Wu

Teaching Assistant

Chloé Johnson

ES Counselor

Christine Wang

Teaching Assistant G1

Dana Li

Teaching Assistant - Learning Support

Deanna McNeil


Debbie Tsai

Teaching Assistant

Denise Wu

ES Receptionist/Secretary

Dorothy Hung

Grade 1

Dr. Molly Fitzgerald

Principal, Elementary School

Eileen Chang

Teaching Assistant

Ellen Liu

Library Assistant

Emma Chen

Teaching Assistant

Erica Jheng

Library Assistant

Erin Wang

Teaching Assistant

Estelle Lin

Teaching Assistant G2

Grace Lee

Teaching Assistant

Gulian Fang

MYP non-Native Chinese Language

Hannah McIntosh

Special Education

Hillary Storey


Hsin-Yi Hsu


Iyeshia Haynes

ES Art

James Gerber

Physical Education

Jamie Hughes


Jasmine Lee


Jeff Taylor

G3 Homeroom

Jenny Tsai


Joyce Lin


Joyce Yang

Teaching Assistant

Judy Chen

Teaching Assitant

Justin Pilon


Kali Knudson

Grade 4

Katy Tseng

Teaching Assistant

Kelly Barrons

ES Learning Support

Kendrah Walker

Kristi Bell


Kristin Partridge


Kyle Blaikie


Leah McGinnis

Grade 5

Maggie Yen

Teaching Assistant

Melody Chen


Naomi Huang

Teaching Assistant

Ophelia Li

Teaching Assistant G5

Pinky Chung

Teaching Assistant

Pon Peng

Teaching Assistant

Samantha Tuan

G2 Homeroom

Sara Brodhead

Director of Teaching & Learning

Sean Butler


Stephanie Kuo

Teaching Assistant

Steven Hill

STEM & ES Tech Integrationist

Vanessa Hsu


Vivi Sun

Teaching Assistant

Yu-Min Cheng


Zoe Chu

ES Health & PE

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