An Integral Part of the Curriculum

Music plays a big part at KAS, our music program include weekly general music classes in the elementary from Pre-K to grade 5 and daily trimester lessons in the middle school where students learn general music knowledge and appreciate music making and performing.

Prestigious Music Program at KAS
Prestigious Music Program at KAS

In the high school, students have choices of Vocal class and mainstream Music 1 and 2 classes where they are able to continue to IB Music in grade 11 and 12.

After School Activities

KAS also offers after school music activities such as elementary orchestra, secondary school String Ensemble and Flute Ensemble as well as light-hearted Cadenza and dance clubs.

Exceptional Concert Performances

Music is not only about the learning of historical and theoretical knowledge. Practical side of music performance also plays a large part in the subject. Participating in and preparing for a concert is an invaluable experience for students. They encounter the necessity of self discipline in individual practice, as well as the cooperative teamwork in playing a piece together in harmony.

Secondary music students and the entire elementary school are expected (not limited to) to perform in our annual Winter and Spring concerts. Which are strongly supported by the entire school community.