Health Frequently Asked Questions (常見問題)

Healthcare at KAS
Healthcare at KAS

When should my child stay home? (何時我的小孩應該留置家中?)

In order to prevent the spread of an illness and promote healing, please do  not send your child to school if he/she has been vomiting or has had a
temperature over 37.5°C (99.7°F) either the night before or that morning.  Common contagious diseases we experienced at KAS include chicken pox
(impetigo) and conjunctivitis (pink eye).
為預防疾病散佈, 當您的小孩有嘔吐或在前夜或當日早上有發燒(體温高 過 37.5°C 或 99.7°F)現象時, 請勿送小孩到學校. 在 KAS 常見的疾病包括

Should my child stay at home when he/she has a cough? (當我的小孩咳嗽時是否應留置家中?)

It depends on the cause of the cough. Please ask your family physician for expert advice.
此需視咳嗽原因而定, 請詢問您的家庭醫師之專業意見.

Can my child take medication during school hours? (我的小孩可否在校內服用藥物?)

If your child needs medication while at school, please be sure to see and speak with the school nurse regarding any medications. If your child needs
to take medication prescribed by a doctor you need to follow KAS procedures: 1) your child needs a prescription signed by a physician, 2)
properly labeled medication containers are required before medication can be brought to school (including over-the-counter medication), 3) If a child
carries an inhaler for asthma, the school must be notified in writing by the parent accompanied by the doctor’s note. Our procedures are intended to
support the safety and well being of all students requiring any kind of medication while attending school.
若您的小孩需要在校內服用藥物, 請先與校護商談相關藥物問題. 若是需要服用醫師處方藥, 您需要依下列規定辦理: 1)醫師簽名的處方簽, 2)
詳細標示藥品的容器始可帶至學校(包括非處方藥), 3)若學生攜帶氣喘用吸入器, 校方必須收到父母的書面通知及醫囑. 校方的規定是要確保