Yu-Min Cheng


Yu-Min joined our KAS team as an ES Chinese teacher in 2015. Prior to that, she taught Chinese to students from diverse backgrounds in Taiwan, the United States, and Poland. She holds a degree in Elementary Education with minors in Special Education and English Education from NPU, as well as an MA in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language from NKNU. She is certified in elementary school education and TCSFL by the Education Ministry of Taiwan, and holds a certificate of TCFL from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).

With over 15 years of experience teaching Chinese, Yu-Min is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator who incorporates technology and balanced literacy components (BLC) into her teaching. She also utilizes up-to-date and effective language teaching methodologies, including Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI), to facilitate language acquisition. Her teaching philosophy centers on creating a safe and engaging learning environment that promotes student motivation and caters to individual student needs.

In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Yu-Min actively engages in continuous professional development. She has completed various training programs and has presented and led workshops at several large-scale international school conferences.

In her free time, Yu-Min enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and watching movies. She currently resides in Kaohsiung with her family.