Tony Shien


Mr. Tony Shien has been a KAS parent for several years, and recently joined the KAS Board of Directors in the 2020-21 school year. His passion for athletics runs to the very core of his spirit. Mr. Shien spent his formative years in Taiwan’s local elementary schools before moving to Los Angeles as a teenager. He experienced Amerian schooling first hand at both Marshall Middle School and San Marino High School, where he focused his efforts on his studies and training on the varsity cross-country and track & field teams.

Tony is a graduate of USC with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He returned to Taiwan after graduation to help develop a joint venture plan with a well-known garment manufacturer. It is this savvy business sense that Mr. Shien brings to the Board of Directors table.

In addition to his responsibilities as Board Treasurer, Mr. Shien also takes his parent responsibility very seriously. You can find him in attendance for nearly every sporting event, especially the ones featuring his two sons. He and his wife Nina are ardent supporters of athletic causes at KAS, and occasionally you can even see Tony with a coach’s clipboard in his hand. This gives him a prime position to experience and shape the culture of teamwork and resilience that our KAS mission demands of our students.