I am a proud Taiwanese indigenous Amis-American international educator. I grew up in the United States and attended private and public schools in the Northeast. My family are Taiwanese scholars and academics. My range of experiences in the Education sector as a professional multi-certified teacher, seminar instructor, and instructional coach empower me to serve and advise KAS families. In 2011, I was selected to Cohort 8 of the Boston Teacher Residency, a Harvard Kennedy School of Government award-winning clinical teacher preparation program modeled on medical school residency. In addition to being MYP Coordinator at KAS, I am a competitive triathlete in Taiwan, and I believe in the power of storytelling as the primary vehicle for teaching, exploring community and identity. When I’m not in schools, you can find me cycling in Taiwan’s mountains, running along rivers, reading, and spending quality time with my wife and family in Boston, Massachusetts.