Stephen “Kolas” Yang, M.Ed is an indigenous (Amis) Taiwanese-American international educator. Kolas grew up in the United States and attended private and public schools in the Northeast. His range of experiences in the Education sector as a teacher, seminar instructor, and instructional coach make him confident to serve and advise KAS families. In 2011, Kolas was selected to Cohort 8 of the Boston Teacher Residency, a Harvard Kennedy School of Government award-winning clinical teacher preparation program modeled on medical school residency. As a proven educator, Kolas is passionate about the craft of teaching and the bridge between social-emotional mindfulness learning and instructional design. Kolas believes in the importance of public service, critical thinking, discipline, and deeper learning. Outside of KAS, Kolas is a competitive triathlete and participates in local competitions. He enjoys reading, writing, spending time with his girlfriend, as well as his Taiwan dog, Comet. Kolas is a professionally multi-certified teacher.

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