Ian Baverstock

MYP Design

Ian is one of our newest Dragons and the third member of our Design team. He brings with him over 20 years of experience working in IBO world schools. He is originally from London England and grew up in and around the east coast city of Colchester. He is a practicing designer as well as a teacher and holds a Masters in Design from the London School of Design and Marketing.

Ian has taught and led Design & Visual Arts in England, Thailand, Bangladesh, and China. He is passionate about experiential learning teamed with a design thinking approach to problem-solving and supporting growth through feedback, positive recognition, and nurture.

For the most part, Ian focuses on healthy living, nutrition, and general fitness. He is a diver and more recently took up snowboarding and kitesurfing. After a 2-year lockdown in Thailand whilst teaching online in China and living out of a suitcase packed for winter, he is looking forward to moving to Taiwan, joining the team, and getting back in the classroom.