Gabe Sortino

DP Mathmatics

Gabe Sortino, joining the KAS high school mathematics department, has been teaching mathematics for over ten years. Gabe is originally from the beautiful state of Vermont in the USA. He will be joining KAS from Xiamen, China where he has worked as an MYP and DP mathematics teacher for the past three years. Gabe will be accompanied by his wife, Liz, and daughter, Julia (who will be attending Pre-K at KAS). Gabe earned his Bachelor’s degree from Providence College in Rhode Island, USA, and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching Mathematics from the University of Vermont in 2018.

Gabe is an outdoorsy person who can be found on the beaches, hiking trails, basketball courts, and golf courses of Taiwan. He is excited that his family will continue to learn Mandarin and is eager to join the KAS community.