Doug Ryan


Douglas Ryan joined the KAS faculty in 2018 as an MYP science teacher, teaching 9th-grade Introduction to Physics and 10th-grade Biology and Environmental Science. Mr. Ryan earned his Masters in Science and Engineering Education for the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minored in chemistry at the University of Texas graduating in 1995. Mr. Ryan holds a State of Texas Teaching Certificate and is certified to teach all sciences in grades 8-12. He has taught most of them including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Aquatic Science, and Astronomy. In addition to teaching Mr. Ryan has worked as a biologist, a journalist, a freelance writer and photographer, and has started several private businesses. His great passion is for the ocean and marine conservation. He lives in Kaohsiung with his husband, Andy Ryan, and their dog, Pluto. They love traveling as a family and are avid scuba divers and hikers.

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