David Hwang


David Hwang joined the KAS Board of Directors in 2018, has served as the Board Secretary, and as its Treasurer. He is a 2000 graduate of Washington State University, where he earned a Masters in Business Administration. Before returning to Taiwan in 2004, he worked at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a Project Manager. He brings with him a wealth of experience in both international schools and the American education system, both of which he experienced first-hand growing up.
Born in Kaohsiung, David has great pride in his hometown. He is currently a real estate developer focusing in the Kaohsiung residential market. He was drawn to KAS through the school’s reputation, first for his children, and then later to the school’s leadership.
When he’s not focusing on making decisions about KAS’s future, he enjoys the outdoor experiences that Taiwan affords us. He is the proud parent of three wonderful children.