Clint Munkholm

MYP Math

Clint hails originally from Alberta, Canada, but has lived in Taiwan for over 20 years. While he graduated with a B.Sc. in Ecology, his career has included a broad array of experience, including Environmental Education, Ecological Design, Electrical Engineering, and the design of green buildings. He has over 10 years of teaching in both public and private schools, community colleges, and via his own hands-on maker workshop, working with children to develop the skills needed to design and build their own creations. He is passionate about helping students practically apply their learning.
Clint, a “Tainan son-in-law”, has been part of the KAS family for 10 years, with two sons who are KAS alumni, and a daughter in middle school. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, fermenting, rooftop gardening, community composting, and aquaponics.