Cindy Wu

MYP Music

Sunny Girl Miss Cindy is a Taiwan-born American living in Kaohsiung as an English/Mandarin bilingual music educator, performer, and motivational speaker. She also loves and enjoys all aspects of life, travel, and cultures!

When she was 10, she immigrated to San Francisco, California, with her family. Miss Cindy studied at the University of Rochester: The Eastman School of Music as a piano performance major (BM). She continued her private piano study with one of the piano professors at Juilliard. Between 1995-2010, Miss Cindy was an active performer and music teacher in the US and Taiwan in private settings, schools, and long-distance learning. She has been with the KAS family for two years as an after-school ukulele/singing teacher! She has collaborated actively with various singers, bands, and producers in Taiwan.

Last summer, Miss Cindy collaborated with the Kaohsiung city government and council for Hakka affairs in a summer educational TV show program called LOVE TO HEAR THE FUN STORY! Miss Cindy is also a National Kaohsiung Normal University student for her Master’s in Organizational Development and Leadership. She is excited to be an MYP Music teacher!


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