Three to four-day workshops led by renowned professional musicians around the world, aim to provide training programs to students, including a masterclass, ensemble, sectional and orchestral coaching, rehearsal and final performance. All KAS students are welcome to apply.

Woodwind and Brass Workshop - January 18, 25, 30, and 31

Place地點 : KAS Auditorium 高雄美國學校音樂廳 Instructor 講師 /Conductor指揮 : Jeffrey Liang 梁兆豐

  • Doctor of Musical Arts
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook Master of Music
  • Yale University Bachelor of Music in trombone performance
  • Manhattan School of Music Former Music Director and Conductor of Youth Orchestra
  • CYCNY Founder of the Metropolitan Brass Quintet Band Director and Music Faculty of several schools in Long Island, NY

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Strings Workshop - January 29, 30, 31

Place 地點 : KAS Auditorium 高雄美國學校音樂廳

Instructor 講師 / Conductor 指揮 :Meidad Yehudayan 尤美德

  • Bachelor & Master of Music, Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance & Manhattan School of Music
  • The first and only Israeli student selected to Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • Former member of Hong Kong Philharmonic and Hong Kong String Quartet
  • Hong Kong International School Orchestra & String Orchestra Director

Details 內容 : Introduction to Broadway Musical Acting, Vocal & Dance Techniques Rehearsal & On-stage Performance

百老匯音樂劇簡介演戲、歌唱及舞蹈技巧訓練  綵排及舞台演出

Instructors 講師 :

  • Chris Tseng 曾慧誠
  • OD Tseng 曾志遠
  • Jia-Jia Chang 張擎佳
  • Steven Lu 呂承祐

A group of Broadway-trained rising stars are coming to show you the magic of musical theater! Instructors include an Artistic Director, choreographer, actor and  singer of the VM Theatre Company.

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Artist Series

Song of Spring Concert 春之歌音樂會

Date & Time 日期和時間 : 3/16/2016 3:30pm

Place 地點 : KAS Auditorium 高雄美國學校音樂廳

Performers 表演者 : SONARE Piano Trio 凡響鋼琴三重奏

Masterclass and concert will be hosted by three renowned artists: 三位頂尖音樂家將主持大師班及舉行音樂會:

  • C. Nanette Chen, violin / Chairlady, Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University
  • 陳沁紅,小提琴 / 台灣師大音樂系系主任


  • Allan Hon, cello / member of Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, Japan
  • 黃泓樺,大提琴 / 日本兵庫縣表演藝術中心樂團成員


  • Chun-Chieh Yen, piano / winner of the Third Tchaikovsky International Music Competition (Youth)
  • 嚴俊傑,鋼琴 / 第三屆柴可夫斯基少年組鋼琴大賽得主

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Mothers' Day Concert 母親節音樂會

Date & Time 日期和時間: 5/7/2016 7:30pm
Place 地點: KAS Auditorium 高雄美國學校音樂廳
Guest Artist 表演嘉賓: Patrick Yeung, tenor / CEO of Dragonair 楊偉添, 男高音 / 港龍航空行政總裁

Performers 表演者: Physicians’ Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan 台灣醫聲室內樂團

Patrick Yeung has worked for the Swire group for more than 25 years, gaining extensive experience in the tourism and airline industry. He is also a dedicated musician, often shares his love for music with youngsters around the world. 楊偉添任職太古集團超過25載,是旅遊和航空業中之翹楚。楊先生亦醉心音樂,經常到世界各地與青少年分享他對 音樂的熱誠。

The Physicians’ Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan was founded by a group of talented and dedicated physicians and health care professionals. ‘Music, Love, and Life’ is the core value of the Orchestra. 台灣醫聲室內樂團於由一群自幼習琴,熱愛音樂的醫療工作者組成,除了在醫療界推動音樂之 外,亦希望以藝術關懷社會。

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