Vision 2030

What kind of school do we want to be in next 10 years?  In 2030?

The actions we take today shape the school we will become.  That’s why it’s more important than ever that together we build and share a clear vision of the future, and that we are intentional with everything we do.

We want you to be part of this work to create a roadmap to guide our progress for the next decade, and we are calling this process Vision 2030.

Between January 20 and January 27 we will host three to four World Cafes.  A world cafe is: (1) small group conversations, (2) in an informal setting, (3) an opportunity to think together about our future, (4) a chance to learn from each other, and (5) an opportunity to impact the future of KAS.

We invite you to join this effort to dream and define the future of KAS!  Please mark your calendar to join one of the upcoming World Cafes as shown below.

What happens after the World Cafes?

After these World Cafes, a small focus group of 20 members of the school community will review all data from the World Cafe discussions, and will recommend a draft of the KAS Vision 2030 to the Board of Directors.  This group will reflect students, Board of Directors, PTA and parents, faculty, staff, and school administration.  If you are interested in being part of this small group, please click here for more details.


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