Typhoon Day 10/5

Dear KAS Families,

I hope you are well, and are ready at home for the typhoon. T. Koinu’s wind and rain are already making the streets more dangerous. 

我希望大家一切都好,並在家中做好防颱的準備。 颱風小犬的風雨已經讓街道變得更加危險了。

The mayor has announced closures for Thursday but we do not know yet about plans for Friday. We will not offer virtual classes for the day because of the short notice for families and teachers to prepare. We will announce adjustments for schedules for ES, MS and HS on Thursday or Friday, when we know more. 

高雄市長已經宣布明天週四停班停課,但是我們還不知道星期五會如何變化。由於通知時間倉促,老師及各位家長準備不及,因此學校不會提供線上課程。當我們收到更多資訊時,我們將在週四或週五宣布對小學、中學 和 高中 的課表進行調整。

Stay safe and dry, and we hope to see everyone safely on Friday before the long weekend. 請您保持安全及乾爽,希望 在長周末之前的星期五見到大家!

Best regards,此致

Jim Laney

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