2023 Summer Dragon Camp

What’s new this summer?

Elementary Camp

Registration Deadline May 18th

Early Bird Registration April 18th

Athletics and 3D Pen

Session 1 June 19-21

In this three-day Dragon Camp, kick start your summer in a fun and healthy activity based camp!

Students will learn to problem solve and collaborate with new and exciting sports games! Students will also have swimming, STEAM, nutrition and literacy blocks related to our sports theme, where they read and write about what they’ve learned!

All students will engage in different sporting activities!

Pre-K – Grade 2Grade 3-5
Students will engage in sports and nutrition
in their themed project blocks! 
Students will create 3D pen projects!

The highlight of camp:

  • Great sports activities with an athletic specialist
  • Exploration of sports and nutrition
  • STEAM based projects where your imagination can come to life!

Minimum of 50 campers

Early Bird Registration NT 8000

After April 18th

NT 8600

Amazing Animals

Session 2: June 26-30

Students can experience, touch, smell, and observe different kinds of animals through real-life animal interactions with Amphibians and Reptiles! 

Students will explore the different habitats, adaptations, textures, sleeping patterns, and food animals eat! Students will also have PE blocks and transform themselves into land animals through sports camps, and enjoy connecting what they write about and read in books!

Parents will be invited on the last day to celebrate student accomplishments!

Highlights of the camp:

  • Real-life interactions with animals
  • Intensive reading and writing practice
  • Hands-on project learning

Camp Schedule

Minimum of 50 campers

Early Bird: Register before April 18th

NT 12,000

After April 18th

NT 13,500

Myths and Legends

Session 3: July 3-7

Cardboard construction!

This STEAM-themed camp, students collaborate and get their engineering brains working by creating protective gear, clothes, and tools out of cardboard. Students will choose to be in a hero or villain house and create characters, superpowers and motivations in this quest for who is best!
Students will engage in swimming, PE, and literacy blocks that will help students read, write and create awesome characters to compete in the last day of the ultimate Hero Vs. Villain game!
Parents will be invited on the last day to celebrate student accomplishments and cheer on their hero or villain!

Highlights of the camp

  • Collaborative activities
  • STEAM themed
  • Hands-on learning!

2023 Summer Dragon Camp


Middle School Camp (Registration Deadline May 18)

Half-Day Middle School Camp

In collaboration with the MS Writing Program Summer Camp, KAS is offering supervision and activities to support their homework and integrate life skills throughout the three weeks the camp is

The highlight of camp:

  • Literacy Specialist to support homework
  • Life skills
  • Cooking, baking and science experiments!

Terms of Service


Please email us at dragoncamp@kas.tw

Congratulations KAS students! You’ve worked hard during the first half of the school year, and we hope you’re able to enjoy a well-deserved rest during our annual winter recess.

Our Middle and High Schools have both published their Semester 1 Academic Reports on KAS Engage at about noon today, Dec 24th. Parents may log in to view them. Students may also see their reports on their student portal at learn.kas.tw.

Whether you’re a parent or a student, please click on the Reports tab to see the Semester 1 report.

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We hope you are all safe and taking care of your health. As we all try to follow the regulations set forth by the recent announcement from the Ministry of Education, we will extend our online learning through June 10, which is the end of the school year. We understand that this may be stressful for your family, and we will try to support you in any way that we can through these difficult times.
我們希望大家一切安好並照顧好您的健康。由於我們大家都遵循最新的教育部公告 , 因此,我們學校將繼續網路線上學習直至6月10日,本學期結束。我們知道這可能會對您的家庭造成壓力,因此我們將盡力在這個艱困的時期為您提供協助。

There are many important traditions and rituals that happen as we close the school year. Our team is adjusting our plans to make sure that we finish our school year in the best possible way.
我們在結束這學年時會有許多重要的傳統和儀式。 我們的團隊正在調整計劃,以確保用最好的方式來結束這學年。

Student safety remains our top priority, and we recognize that this is a very difficult situation for the entire school community.

Please stay tuned for more communication from your teachers, administration, and Response Team in the time ahead. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of us. We are here to support.
請您持續留意,以便在未來的時間裡與您的老師,學校行政部門和應變小組進行更多的資訊交流。 如果有任何疑問,請與我們中的任何一位聯繫。 我們會在這裡協助支持。

Constructive school communication is essential for a healthy school environment. It nurtures empathetic positive assumptions about all involved and builds our value of cooperation. We are all united by our desire for a good education for our kids. This policy clarifies guidelines to help explain what communication channels should be used for questions, ideas, and concerns.