Stella Fournier, Class of 2019

Stella Fournier '19

After graduating from KAS in 2019, Stella Fournier set out to pursue her dream of studying in the U.S. She is currently starting her second year at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology (also known as Georgia Tech) majoring in electrical engineering. “I love the campus a lot. I like to walk or ride my bike around the campus,” Stella shared.

As a student at KAS, Stella credits taking IB HL Physics and IB HL Math with learning how to manage difficult content and preparing her for what she describes as “hardcore classes” at Georgia Tech. Research is a big part of studying engineering, and Stella is currently working on swarm robotics that can paint on the ground. Before that, she was working with lithium-ion batteries and had the opportunity to develop hand-made batteries in the electrical engineering lab. She has also joined a robotics club called the RoboJackets, working with schematic designs, creating computer boards, and soldering! When asked about how the IB program helped her, Stella said: “I recommend students to take the IB diploma because it will definitely make you more equipped when writing essays and research papers in the future.”

Her advice for other students interested in STEM subjects and Georgia Tech in particular is to join an engineering-related club, find research opportunities and develop a hobby or expertise other than engineering to combine with engineering. For Stella, that was music. She still cherishes her memories of time spent in Orchestra and performing at Cadenza as special experiences at KAS.

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