Self-Selection in the Library

Elementary students visit the library with their classroom teacher on a weekly basis.  This browsing and checkout period is teacher-led, library supported.  Independent reading is an important part of a student’s reading growth, and book selection is actively supported by the student’s teacher for reading level, interest, and developmental appropriateness. 

At KAS, we believe that the ability to self-select books for independent reading is an essential part of creating life-long readers. A life-long reader knows how to successfully browse, preview, and select what to read for pleasure.  

Whether it be listening to a read aloud in the classroom to reading with their older/younger Reading Buddy, students are being given access to books in many ways during the day.  Library browsing and checkout time is one of the only regularly scheduled times they have to direct their own reading development. By allowing children to browse freely with a few guidelines, we nurture excitement for books and reading in each child. 

Please do not be discouraged when they bring home the same book or type of book repeatedly!  They are selecting these books because they offer them a relaxing, enjoyable, and non-demanding reading experience. Having this type of reading experience only encourages their reading and motivates them to read and/or visit the library more.  At KAS, we are constantly exposing them to new titles and series; they will eventually move past the usuals.  

If parents wish to instruct their children to check out or not to check out certain books, they should understand that such instructions are not tracked or policed by our Library.

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