Restrictions announced by Kaohsiung Mayor on Friday, Sept 10

I hope you are enjoying a quiet weekend. I am writing to all parents to follow up on the recent pandemic restrictions announced by Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Qi Mai. 


Our current practice is to allow parents to drop off or pick up their children inside our main gate. We consider this to be safer than having drop off or pick up on the sidewalk outside, so we will continue this practice. Please keep your distance and wear your mask at all times when you are there. 

我們目前的做法是允許家長在學校的大門內接送孩子。 我們考量這比在外面的人行道上上下車更安全,因此我們將繼續這種做法。 請保持距離,並請您在那裡時一直戴著口罩。

Parents may not enter the campus buildings to attend a meeting, to go to the Business Office, to visit a classroom, or for other reasons. If you need to conduct any business at the school before September 25, please make arrangements to meet outside or online. 

家長不得進入校園大樓參加會議、或是前往財務辦公室、參觀教室或出於其他原因。 如果您需要在9月25日之前在學校辦理各項事務,請安排在外面或線上會議。

We are not planning field trips or large assemblies or gatherings with our learners during the next two weeks, and we will be careful to follow our normal protocols: washing hands, wearing masks, watching our distances. 


Also a quick reminder: all students should leave the campus immediately at the end of the school day if they are not in an approved, supervised activity. This includes our high school students. 

還有一個快速的提醒: 如果沒有參加學校所核准,有教師監督的活動,所有的學生都必須在放學後立即離開學校。這包括了高中部的學生。

These are difficult times, but if we cooperate and work together we can keep learning on campus with minimal disruption, and we can keep the KAS community healthy and safe. We will keep you informed if and when any changes to the current restrictions that apply to our school are made. 

這是艱困的時期,但如果我們一起合作並共同努力,我們就可以在校園內繼續學習並將干擾降到最低,同時我們可以保持 KAS 社區的健康和安全。如果到時候有對於適用我們學校目前防疫措施進行任何更動,我們將會通知您。

In hope and solidarity,

Jim Laney Jr.,

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