Response Team Update

Student safety remains our top priority.  Our Response Team met today to discuss the recent announcement from the CECC about Taiwan’s Level 2 precautions.  We have communicated with the CECC and Bureau of Education for guidance, and our Response Team has made the best decisions possible with the information available from reliable, official sources.  
學生的安全依然是我們優先的考量.  學校的應變小組今天開會商討由中央疫情指揮中心最近所發布有關台灣疫情提升到2級警戒的公告。 我們已經與中央疫情指揮中心和教育局進行了溝通,尋求指導方針,而我們的應變小組運用官方可靠來源所提供的資訊,做出了最佳決策。

We have some difficult decisions to communicate with you today.  Each of these decisions brings sad consequences, and the Response Team considered these very closely and carefully.  We are sorry for the difficulties.  Please see below for important updates.
我們今天有一些困難的決定要與您交流。這些決定中的每一項都會帶來令人難過的後果,應變小組非常仔細,細心地考慮了這些後果。我們為這些困難感到抱歉。 請參閱下面的重要更新公告。

-All indoor events over 100 people and outdoor events over 500 people are prohibited until June 8.

-All inter-school events are cancelled until June 8.  

-No assemblies before June 8.

-Friday’s Spring Concert will be live streamed instead of having in-person audience.

-All field trips are cancelled through June 8.

-Sports tournaments and practices are cancelled through June 8.

-Swimming classes will continue at this time, as the pool is large enough for proper social distancing.

-Tomorrow Ms. Rock will share details about all senior events.
明天高中校長-Ms. Rock會與大家分享所有畢業生的活動的相關細節。

-Masks must be worn on campus at all times except when eating and drinking.  Social distancing at lunch must be maintained at those times.
除了進食和喝水之外,校園內任何時候都必須配戴口罩。 午餐時的社交距離必須維持。

-PE activities will be adjusted to ensure that masks can be safely worn even during PE.

-We currently plan to continue with in-person instruction.  If Taiwan moves to a level 3 alert, will comply with all government regulations.  Please review the KAS Digital Learning Plan in advance, as this is a possibility if Taiwan moves to Level 3.
我們學校目前的計劃是繼續進行學生到校上課的方式。 如果台灣移至3級警戒,學校將遵守所有政府法規。請提前查看KAS的網路線上學習計劃,因為如果台灣疫情提昇至3級警戒,這是有可能的發生的。

We feel so sad about all of these changes, but we remain grateful for Taiwan’s careful management of COVID-19.  Thank you for your partnership and cooperation in keeping our community safe.
我們為所有這些變化感到非常難過,但我們仍然感謝台灣對COVID-19的細心監控管理。 感謝您在維護我們社區安全方面的合作與配合。

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