Power Outage in Taiwan, KAS Learning Continues

Update, 1:57 PM Power has been restored to the KAS campus.

I’m writing to tell you about our adjustments today during the power outage. All our learners are safe and healthy on campus. The generator has kicked in, and our networks, emergency lighting and emergency systems, and toilets are functioning.
我們在此寫信給您是想通知關於今天停電的一些調整。所有的學生在校園裡都是安全和健康的。 我們啟動了發電機,讓我們的網路、緊急照明燈、緊急系統以及廁所都能正常運作。

We are making adjustments to the lunch menu, to serve hot lunches that can be cooked with gas. We are using one-time use lunch boxes. Students will have a healthy, fresh lunch at their scheduled lunch time.
我們正在調整午餐菜單,提供可以用瓦斯烹製的熱午餐。 我們會使用一次性餐盒。 學生將在原定的午餐時間內享用健康、新鮮的午餐。

We will dismiss school at the normal time. We will update parents as soon as we have more information or if anything changes on the campus.

We will update this post as the situation resolves.

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