Managed Access Campus

With Taiwan’s sustained excellence in managing covid-19, we are pleased to share we are changing the status of our campus from closed to managed access.  Here is the rationale for our new status, along with the current procedures.


  • We must track the health, travel status, and contact tracing details of everybody on campus.  
  • For students, faculty, and staff, we do this through morning temperature checks, keeping accurate records of contact and identification information, and knowing the daily schedules of all students, faculty, and staff. 
  • For parents and for campus visitors we do this through temperature checks on arrival, a paper travel/health questionnaire that is completed every visit that includes contact tracing information, and by parents and campus visitors making appointments or RSVPing for special events so that we know who any parent or campus visitor would likely have interacted with while on campus.
  • No matter whether other schools choose to follow the policies from the CECC, the Kaohsiung Bureau of Education, or the Taiwan Ministry of Education, we hold ourselves to a high standard of safety for our students and will continue to follow all relevant policies.
  • We will continue requiring masks to be worn by everybody on campus, and will continue with social distancing during lunch when wearing masks is not possible.


  • For students, faculty, and staff, we will continue with daily temperature checks, masks, social distancing, etc.
  • For parents and campus visitors, you are welcome to enter campus anytime that you have an appointment or have rsvp’d in advance for an event.  In these cases, parents and campus visitors must have a temperature check and must complete a paper travel/health questionnaire at the front desk before proceeding into the campus.
  • During morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, it is important for parents and campus visitors to please continue remaining outside of the building, as it is not possible to to complete temperature checks and travel/health questionnaires for everybody at those times.  However, parents or campus visitors with an appointment or who have rsvp’d in advance for a special event may still enter the building and proceed to the front desk for managed access procedures.
  • Our enhanced cleanliness and disinfection procedures remain in place, as we have done since the spring of 2020.

We welcome parents at KAS, and we encourage all parents to contact faculty, staff, and administration at any time to make appointments to come discuss your child’s progress.  We will continue offering more and more events for families to come to campus.

Thank you for your continued support as we keep students safe, build community, and come through this time of COVID-19 as a strong example for the world.

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