KAS Announces next High School Principal

Kaohsiung American School is pleased to announce that Ms. Kimberly Clark will join the KAS faculty as High School Principal starting with the 2021-22 school year. Ms. Clark is from San Francisco, CA, USA.
高雄美國學校很高興跟大家宣布Ms. Kimberly Clark將在2021-22學年開始加入高雄美國學校的教職員行列成為本校高中部校長。 Ms. Clark來自美國加州的舊金山市。

She holds an Ed.S. from Mercer University, an Ed.M from Harvard University, and a B.A. from Spelman College. She is certified by the USA State of Georgia as an educational leader and as a social studies teacher.
她擁有美國Mercer 大學的教育學士,哈佛大學的教育碩士和Spelman學院的文學學士。她是美國喬治亞州認證的校長和社會科學老師。

Her professional experience includes time spent as a Deputy Principal in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a Vice Principal and Instructional Coach in Houston, USA, and an AP World History Teacher and Department Chair in Atlanta, USA.

She was hired through an inclusive and rigorous process that started with input from students, parents, faculty, and staff. She was then interviewed by a panel that included faculty, alumni, and administration. Subsequently, she was interviewed by a parent panel as well as our HS Student Council. After such a thorough process, we are so excited that she has accepted the offer to join our school community.
她是通過一個層面廣泛而嚴格的聘任過程的,這起始於來自學生,家長,教職員的意見。這之後,她接受了包括教職員工,校友和校長在內的小組的面談。 隨後,她又接受了家長小組成員以及我們的高中部學生會的面談。 經過如此周詳的過程,我們感到非常興奮,她接受了我們的聘任加入我們學校社區。

We are excited to welcome Ms. Clark to the KAS community!
我們很高興歡迎Ms. Clark加入高雄美國學校的大家庭!

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