KAS Announces Interim Head of School

Dear KAS community, teachers, and staff,
親愛的 KAS 社區,教職員大家好,

I am pleased to be invited to join your community at Kaohsiung American School for the 2021–22 school year. I visited your old school campus once in 1997 when you were a very different size. I am excited to be a KAS Dragon next year, in these challenging times.
我很高興接受邀請加入高雄美國學校的 2021-22 學年。 我曾在 1997 年參觀過你們的舊校園,那時的學校規模是非常不同的。 在這個充滿挑戰的時代,我很高興明年成為 KAS 的一分子。

Just as KAS does, I embrace the diversity of our unique and vibrant international learning communities. I enjoy nurturing relationships with teachers, students, parents, and staff. I look forward to working side-by-side with many of you next year, in accomplishing your mission and in laying the groundwork for a successful transition to the next long-term school director.
正如 KAS 所做的那樣,我歡迎獨特而充滿活力的國際學習社區的多樣性。 我喜歡培養與老師、學生、家長和學校行政人員的關係。 我期待著明年與你們中的許多人並肩工作,完成你們的使命, 並為成功交接到下一任長期總校長而奠定基礎。

What KAS will do in the coming weeks and months is an uncharted path. We will walk that path together. How KAS will respond in the coming weeks and months is clear from your values. The Dragons will continue to be critical thinkers & problem solvers, effective communicators, active learners, and ethical global citizens.
KAS 在未來幾周和幾個月要怎麼做是一條未知的道路。 我們將一起走這條路。 從您的價值觀中可以清楚地看出 KAS 在未來幾周和幾個月內將如何應對。 龍兒們 將繼續成為有判斷力的思考者和問題的解決者、有效的溝通者、積極的學習者和有道德的全球公民。

Now for a few details…

My family’s home is in Oregon, in the USA. I began my teaching career in the US Peace Corps in Kenya in the early 1980s. Now completing my 36th year as an educator, I have served in American and international schools in New York City, Nicosia, Taipei, Warsaw, Addis Ababa, New Delhi, and Maputo.
I’ve taught at all grade levels from K to 12, including computer science, technology, math, and physics. In addition to other leadership roles, I have served as a principal in elementary, middle, and high school programs, prior to becoming Head of School at the International Community School of Addis Ababa in 2010. Since 2005 I’ve been a principal or director in three distinguished IB schools. I am currently finishing an interim year as Director at the American International School of Mozambique.

我的家鄉在美國奧勒岡州。我在 1980 年代在肯亞的美國和平部隊開始我的教學生涯。目前完成了我作為教育工作者的第 36 個年頭,我曾在美國紐約市、塞浦路斯的尼科西亞、台灣台北、波蘭華沙、伊索匹亞的阿迪斯阿貝巴、印度新德里和莫三比克的馬布多的美國和國際學校任職。 我教過從 K 到 12 年級的所有年級,包括計算機科學、電腦科技、數學和物理。 除了其他領導階層的角色外,在 2010 年成為阿迪斯阿貝巴國際社區學校總校長之前,我還擔任小學、中學和高中的校長。自 2005 年以來,我一直擔任三個著名的 IB 學校的校長或總校長。 我目前正在完成作為莫三比克美國國際學校總校長的交接職務。

I have four daughters in Oregon, including two who are in graduate school to become international school teachers. My partner Laura is an experienced and qualified ESL and Learning Support teacher from the state of New Hampshire.
我在俄勒岡州有四個女兒,其中兩個正在讀研究所,以便成為國際學校的教師。 我的搭檔 Laura 是來自新罕布夏州,是一位經驗豐富且合格的 ESL 和學習支援教師。

The pandemic continues to challenge societies and schools around the globe. The KAS Dragons are online right now, and you are not alone. I look forward to meeting faculty and others in the community in the coming days and weeks, in preparation for the start of the new school year. I am confident that we can collaborate and work together to achieve your mission next year, challenging students to achieve academic excellence and preparing them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.
疫情持續挑戰全球的社會和學校。 KAS Dragons 現在網路線上上課,您並不孤單。 我期待在未來幾天和幾週內與教職員工和社區中的其他人會面,為新學年的開始做準備。 我有信心我們可以合作並共同努力實現您明年的使命,挑戰學生獲得卓越的學術成就,並讓他們做好成為一個均衡發展的個人、獨立學習者和全球公民的準備。

Best regards,
Jim Laney Jr.

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