Kaohsiung Public Library

Anyone who lives in Kaohsiung may be a member of the public library system, and it is a really great system! They have many online resources – some even in English! Foreigners need only supply their passport and a local address to get their public library card. To log in, use your card ID # as your ID and your birthdate with the Chinese year as the password in the following format: YYMMDD. To find your Chinese birthyear, you can use this resource. Find your nearest public library branch here.

Kaohsiung Public Library Catalog  Log in here first with your public library card.
Kaohsiung Public Library Databases
(has excellent databases on Taiwan and Asian history, and also has English databases and Inter-Library Loan agreements with national Universities)
Kaohsiung Public Library ebook cloud (Has audio books, picture books and novels in Chinese; these are NOT cataloged in their public library catalog)

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