Jade Huang ’04

This year, KAS alumna Ms. Jade Huang (Class of 2004) enrolled her daughter Amber in KAS PK. This is especially exciting because Amber is now the first legacy student ever to enroll at KAS. A legacy student is a student who is a child of an alumni. We know that more legacy students will enroll soon, and with Amber joining KAS PK, it is the beginning of a new era.

Jade came to KAS early in high school and stayed through graduation. The school changed much during Jade’s time, and has changed even more since then. When she first came to KAS, the school was located on the campus of Fudong Elementary School in Lingya District. During Jade’s senior year 2003-04, KAS moved to its current location at the former site of Sheng Li Elementary school. At the time KAS was much smaller – Jade remembers her senior class having about 15 students. She expressed how much both the campus and the overall school structure have changed since then.

After Jade graduated from KAS she moved back to Melbourne, Australia, where she completed her degrees in marketing. Due to an agreement with her siblings, she came back to Kaohsiung eight years ago. She planned to stay for two years then return to Australia, but instead got married and chose to stay in Kaohsiung much longer!

Jade knew that KAS was the priority school for her daughter Amber. Jade says that Amber really likes Pre-K at KAS. She comes home happy every day, and each evening she talks about wanting to go back to school the next day.

We are so happy to have Amber join our KAS family, we are thrilled that Jade is a lifelong Dragon, and we are excited that Jade chose KAS for her own children. We often say, once a Dragon, always a Dragon!

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