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What is the International Baccalaureate Program?

The IB Diploma program is a two-year pre-university course for 11th and 12th grade students which provides a core and elective curriculum and is measured through internal and external examinations. To earn the IB diploma, students complete and test in six IB subjects; write an extended essay of independent research guided by a faculty mentor, complete 150 hours of creative, action, and service activities (CAS); and participate in a
critical thinking course called Theory of Knowledge (ToK). Students who take IB courses without completing the entire program may earn IB certificates by testing in selected IB courses. Furthermore, here at KAS, it is possible to take IB courses without taking the exams associated with them.

Is the IB Diploma required for graduation from KAS?

The IB Diploma is not required for graduation from KAS. Rather, it is an additional qualification a student may earn if he satisfies all of the requirements outlined in the IB guide. If a student chooses not to pursue the diploma, there are a variety of options for 11th and 12th grades. These are best discussed on an individual basis with the Guidance

What are the benefits to pursuing the IB Diploma?

The IB Program is the most challenging academic program available at KAS. Around the world, students who have taken IB classes report that their involvement with the IB Program has given them the skills needed to succeed in college. These courses help students to gain a broader world view; follow in-depth approaches to the academic
disciplines; and develop time management, problem-solving, research, and organizational skills that will remain with them long after the IB experience is over. In addition, the IB has established a set of learning outcomes known as the IB Learner Profile. The hope is to develop students who become inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers,
knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, well-balanced, and reflective – attributes we believe are a great benefit to students.

What courses are required for the Diploma?

Students who wish to pursue the Diploma take one class in each of six curricular areas; each course typically lasts two years. In addition, the student must complete the three components of the core- TOK, CAS and the Extended Essay. Please refer to the IB guide on the KAS website for further details.

How does the IB Program compare to AP classes?

The major differences between the IB and AP relate to the nature of the programs. In the IB, the courses and the core constitute a fully rounded program that is intended to prepare students at a high level across a range of subject matter. In addition, IB teachers work together to ensure cross-disciplinary links and a deliberate integration of the concepts in Theory of Knowledge. Lastly, the subject matter in IB classes tends to cover fewer topics, with a much higher expectation of high level understanding and investigation.

What is the general workload in IB classes?

This will vary based on the subject. IB classes are typically more challenging than regular high school classes, and so students may be asked to do more homework. The types of assignments given however may be quite different than those students have seen in earlier years, which is often where the real challenge comes. One benefit to this is that students must take greater responsibility for their own learning while developing time management and organization skills.

When do students take IB Exams?

The IB exams are administered in May of the 12th grade year, with the exception of one year SL classes, which are tested in May of the year the course is taken. Our IB Diploma coordinator will ensure that all students and families are aware of all requirements and logistics.

Can students earn college credit through the IB Program?

This varies from institution to institution. It is best to research specific colleges/universities to understand their policies. In the most generous cases, students can earn up to a full year of credit.

Is it possible to change my mind about the Diploma?

Yes, it is possible to decide not to pursue the Diploma even after beginning the program. The guidance counselor is available to assist students in any changes to their schedules.

What is the cost of taking IB Exams?

All fees are set by the IB and change slightly every year. Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, the total cost for a diploma student, covering the cost of all exams and fees, is approximately $750 US, or NT$ 23,000.

What training do teachers receive in the IB Program?

At KAS, all teachers who are teaching an IB class have either already had official IB training, or they are scheduled to attend the training very soon. These sessions consist of a 3-day workshop with master teachers in the field and allow our teachers to build a strong base of ideas and activities through collaboration with other teachers present.

什麼是 International Baccalaureate Program?

IB 課程是針對 11,12 年級學生所提供的二年大學預修課程,包含了六主要課程及核
心課程,進而透過在校及國際考試認定成果。要取得 IB 文憑,學生需: 完成六個 IB 科
目;在一位 IB 老師監督下完成獨立的論文報告;參與 150 個小時富含創意﹑運動﹑及
得 IB 文憑的課程或選擇只修 IB 課程而不參加 IB 校外認證考試。

需有 IB 文憑始可從 KAS 畢業嗎?

不一定要有 IB 文憑才可取得 KAS 畢業證書,這只是提供學生一種選項,若在校修課符合 IB 所有條件,還可多一項 IB 文憑。若學生選擇不取得 IB 文憑,對於 11 及 12 年級學生仍有許多的修課選擇,最好是和升學輔導老師個別面談討論。

修 IB 課程有什麼好處?

IB 課程目前是 KAS 所有課程中難度最高的,目前調查顯示,學生若在高中時期修習 IB 課程者,上大學後能充分利用技能完成大學課業。這些課程幫助學生們建立更廣闊的世界觀,在學術方面做更深入的研究探討,建立學生的時間觀念,主動面對解決問題,研究問題,及訓練他們的組織能力等。即使課程結束,學生也將一直保有這些技巧和能力。另外,IB 建立了一套學習系統,主要目的是培養學生主動探索,思考,溝通,承擔風險,成為富含知識,有原則,闗懷他人,心胸開闊,均衡發展並能反省自身的人,都是這個課程的附加優勢。


決定要取得文憑的學生,需在六大領域科目中各挑一堂課,每個科目一般需修課至少滿二年。此外,學生尚需完成核心科目知識論述課,志願服務及論文報告等,詳細資料請至 KAS 網站查詢。

IB 課程和 AP 課程的差異?

IB 課程和 AP 課程間主要在本質上就不同。在 IB,六科課程及核心課程構成一個主要課程系統,培養學生提高素質以面對各種科目。此外,IB 的老師們也一起交流,隨時確認商討對各科目的想法,在知識論述課中分享。最後,IB 課程可在較高的期望值中提升對各主題更專精的認知及研究深度。

IB 課程的基本課業量為何?

依各科目內容而定。IB 課程原本就較一般高中課程更有挑戰性,學生也有可能被要求完成較多的作業。作業的型態或許和學生以往接觸的有所不同,這也就是挑戰所在。其中一項好處便是當他們建立了時間觀念及組織能力的同時,能肩負起更多的責任感。

學生何時參與 IB 測驗?

所有為期兩年的 IB 課程都在 12 年級下學期的五月份舉行檢定考,為期一年的標準課程則在該學年 5 月考。我們的 IB 主任會確認所有學生及家長都了解一切的要求及後續作業。

學生可以藉由修 IB 課程取得大學學分嗎?




IB 檢定考費用為何?

所有費由皆由 IB 中心決定,每年並做微調。如 2013 年畢業生若要取得文憑,所有考試費用大約為 750 美元,或換算為新台幣 23,000 元。

IB 課程的老師們需接受什麼教育訓練?

在 KAS, 所有教授 IB 課程的老師皆需接受,或準備好接受 IB 中心的教育訓練。這些訓練包含了三天和教育中心老師的研習會,並透過活動讓在場的老師們建立紮實的基本概念。

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