G6-G11 Classes Online 5/4 – 5/6

Dear KAS Parents,

I’m writing to inform all KAS parents and staff members that one of our secondary teachers tested positive for COVID on Tuesday afternoon with a rapid test. The teacher was on campus on Monday, May 2. Our teacher is fully vaccinated, has had a booster shot, and is mildly symptomatic at home today. If the teacher’s PCR test is positive tomorrow, all students and employees who came into contact with our teacher will be individually notified as soon as possible.  


Our Pandemic Response Team met this evening. We discussed our situation with the BOE and we reviewed the recent guidance from the CECC regarding close contacts and schools.


Our decision is to move our Middle/High School classes online for the remainder of this week. IB and AP exams will continue this week as planned. There is no reason to move the elementary school to online learning at this time. 


60+ students and several colleagues were in close contact with our teacher on Monday. Staying online the next three days will reduce the possibility of transmission in the KAS community, and will also protect our seniors and their exams. Two G11 students who were in the teacher’s classes cannot take their AP exams this week, and we don’t want any further community spread to disrupt IB or AP exams for our seniors. 

超過60位的學生和老師在星期一與這位老師近距離接觸的,也將在家線上上課,減少KA S社群傳播的可能性,同時保護我們的準畢業生以及他們即將要參加的考試。有兩位11年級的學生因為在這個老師的班級,所以這一週也無法參加AP的考試。我們不希望出現任何進一步的社區傳播,阻斷我們的準畢業生參加IB跟AP的考試。

Our teachers and other employees will come in as usual, unless they were in close contact. On Wednesday, MS/HS teachers will provide asynchronous learning assignments and materials to students by email and Google Classroom by 10 AM. Then on Thursday/Friday we will start with our synchronous/asynchronous schedule of lessons and assignments. Parents can review our online learning plans in our virtualKAS Handbook in English and in Mandarin


On Wednesday we will know more and we will also get further instructions from the BOE. 


We urge everyone in our community to please continue to practice self-health awareness, monitor temperatures and symptoms at home, and not send children to school if they are experiencing any symptoms of an illness. Should anyone start to experience symptoms, please contact 1922 to report any symptoms or self-test results and wait for further instructions regarding testing. 

我們呼籲所有社區成員,請繼續實行自我健康意識,在家監測體溫和症狀,如果孩子出現任何新冠病毒的症狀,請讓孩子在家休息。如果有人開始出現症狀,請聯繫 1922 回報任何症狀或自我檢測結果,並等待有關檢測的進一步指示。

Thank you for helping our community maintain medical confidentiality and for remaining calm and resilient as we operate with health and safety as our priority during this phase of endemic COVID-19. 

感謝您協助我們的社區維護醫療機密,在COVID-19 疫情嚴峻階段,我們以健康和安全為首要任務時,依然保持冷靜和堅韌。

Best regards,

Jim Laney,

Head of School

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