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General Information

When is the library open?

The library is open from 7:30am until 5pm, weekdays (except for early dismissal on Wednesday), and the first Saturday of each month from 8:30am until 12:30pm.

How many books does the library have?

The library has over 18,000 physical books and up to 4,000 online or audio books.

How do I find books to read or listen to online?

Ebooks and audiobooks can be found in two places on the library website: the KAS online catalog (make sure to log in) and our KAS subscriptions found on the Digital Reading page of the website. Passwords for our services can be found here.

How do I find a book in the library?

KAS’s online catalog can be found here. Don’t forget to log in!While logged in, you can view your checkouts, renew your books, and select books for the library to pull and checkout to you. If you need Destiny Discover help, click here. If you have an issue not addressed on the help sheet, please email library@kas.tw.

How many books can I check out?

For Elementary students, the number of books you can check out depends on your grade, teacher, and the number of times you visit the library each week.  

Secondary students and Families can check out up to ten books for two weeks.  If you think you need more books, just ask! 

What services does the library offer?

To find services specific to you, click on your demographic: Students, Faculty/Staff, or Families.

Can I print in the library?

Yes! The library has a color printer available for student and teacher use. See this guide for more details.

How do you select books for the library?

The KAS Library Collection Development policy can be found here.

How do I request that a book be reconsidered and removed from the library?

The KAS Reconsideration of a Library Resource policy and procedures can be found here.

How do I request a book?

Book requests can be made with this form. Please double check our online catalog to ensure that we do not already own the title.

Student FAQs

When can students visit the library?

Elementary students visit the library at least once a week with their teacher to find books to support independent reading. Middle School and High School students are welcome to visit before school, during their breaks, and after school to find books to support their learning or just for pleasure.

What do I do if I can’t find a book I checked out?

Do not stress! Please come speak with a librarian or librarian assistant.

What databases does KAS subscribe to?

KAS subscribes to 13 databases which can be found here. For a more curated list of databases, click here for ES, here for MS, and here for HS.

How do I log in to a database?

Passwords for our subscription services and databases can be found here.

What resources are available online?

For a more curated list of free resources, click here for ES, here for MS, and here for HS.

Faculty FAQs

Can I send students to the library to study?

Yes! We love to have guests! Elementary students should be supervised by their TA if visiting without their teacher. Library behaviors will be expected of your students.

Can I reserve a library study room?

Yes! Please use the KAS Reservation page, linked here, and found under KAS Teacher Links.

When is the library available for me to bring my class?

Please check library availability on the calendar, found here.

Can you teach my students how to research?

Research is a large framework that encompasses many skills. I will gladly assist you in guiding your students and help you teach any specific research skills that relate to your subject and grade level.

Families FAQs

When can families visit the library?

(Due to Covid restrictions, families are currently not allowed on campus to visit the library).

Students have priority during the school day; families are encouraged to visit the library before or after school.  But, checking out books for your child is important; if you are only able to visit the library during the day, please do so! While in the library, remember to be an example for students regarding library expectations.

How can I check out books for my child or children?

First you must possess a parent library account. If you do not have one, please fill out the application found here. Then each family may check out up to ten books.

How can I help my child enjoy reading?

Please take a look at the articles and information found on this page to support your child in their love of reading. Ms. Kristi is also available to talk: email her at kbell@kas.tw, call her at 7 586 3300, ext. 300, or stop by to see her!

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