Extended Essay, Student Responsibilities

Choose a subject from the available extended essay list. See Diploma Programme coordinator or extended essay coordinator for details.

Ensure that the starting point for your essay is a subject that is available, or in the case of the world studies extended essay, an issue of global, contemporary significance within one of the six world studies themes.

Observe the regulations with regard to the extended essay, including the IB’s 
ethical guidelines.

Read and understand the subject-specific requirements for the subject in which you intend to complete your extended essay, including the interpretation of the assessment criteria.

Meet all internal deadlines set by your school in relation to the extended essay.

Understand concepts related to academic integrity, including plagiarism and collusion, for example, and ensure that you have acknowledged all sources of information and ideas in a consistent manner.

Attend three mandatory reflection sessions with your supervisor, the last of which is the viva voce.

Record your reflections on the Reflections on planning and progress form for submission as part of the assessment of criterion E (engagement).

EE Reflections on Planning & Progress Form

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