DP English A L&L

From time to time we spotlight student work on our website as part of our segment, “In Class”. Today we’re featuring selected works from our seniors.

By: Mr. Doug Pishkur
IB DP English A Language & Literature

In DP English Language and Literature Year 2, the students recently studied Op-Eds, and in particular the work of Michelle Alexander, Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times and Stanford Law School graduate. To culminate their analysis, the students were asked to create their own Op-Eds on topics of particular importance in their lives.  Here are five representative students from Mr. Doug Pishkur’s classes, giving readers an idea of what IS important to our soon-to-be graduates.

Hiram: “You Should Take a Walk Every Day”

Elaina: “Decelerating Under the Accelerating Society”

Kayla: “Fast Fashion Needs to be Stopped”
Luanne: “College Rankings Don’t Really Define Who You Are”
Heloise: “Stop Judging Me”

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