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What’s New in Dragon Camp this Summer?

Elementary Dragon Camps

Registration is open for students entering from Pre-K to entering grade 6!

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Early BirdRegular
14,500 NT15,500 NT
Free Camp T-Shirt, LunchCamp T-Shirt, Lunch
Promotion Due: March 29thRegistration & Payment Due: May 1st

STEAM and Sustainability

Session 1 June 10-14

In this week of Dragon Camp, kick start your summer in a creative and sustainable activity-based camp!

Explore the world of Science and STEAM with exciting experiments and hands-on projects. Your child will discover wonders, spark curiosity, and develop a passion for exploration, creating an unforgettable learning adventure! Students will also have PE and literacy blocks related to our sustainability theme.

Parents will be invited on the last day to celebrate students’ learning!

All students will engage in grade-level appropriate hands-on activities and literacy opportunities.

Highlights of camp:

🔬 Explore STEAM and Sustainability

🌱Let your imagination soar as we delve into the world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics!

🌍 Build, design, and become a sustainable citizen!

Life Under Water

Session 2: July 22-26

Explore the world of aquatic animals, both on land and beneath the water.

Dive into the wonders of marine life at our summer camp! Explore with experts from the National Museum of Marine Biology and AquariumEncounter real amphibians and vibrant coral reefs.

Campers will uncover the different habitats, adaptations, textures, sleeping patterns, and food animals eat through exciting activities, swimming pool games, crafts, and connecting what they write and read in literacy blocks.

Parents will be invited on the last day to celebrate student accomplishments!

Highlights of the camp:

🐠 Discover Life Under Water 🌊

🌊 Partnering with the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

🐬 From real amphibians to vibrant coral reefs, dive deep into the mysteries of the water!

2023 Summer Dragon Camp


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