KAS PTA Welcomes New Staff & Faculty

This year’s incoming class of new employees represented locales all around the globe. Under any normal year, this would have been a significant logistical challenge to relocate families to Taiwan, help them establish everything from bank accounts to Costco memberships, and prepare them to teach our KAS students. But 2021 is anything but a normal year. Thankfully, our experienced team was up to the challenge, and on October 14th, the last of our new arrivals walked through our doors.

It was cause for celebration, and the PTA was ready! With balloons and decor to rival a gala event, Kaohsiung’s newest Dragons were met with a panoply of fanfare fit for these world-weary travelers. Each new employee was recognized by name and gifted treats from the PTA leadership, including handmade pineapple cakes – a Taiwan delicacy!

Please enjoy these selected photos from the event.

Autumn in Kaohsiung… the weather begins to cool (slightly), and a long weekend lies ahead. What better way to enjoy dismissal today than with a concert in the lobby?

Thanks to the KAS String Orchestral, our musicians filled the campus corridors with classical pieces including Handel’s The Arrival of Queen of Sheba, Mozart’s Divertimento in F Major, and Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.

We hope you had a chance to watch this live, but in case you missed it, please tune in here to watch the rebroadcast.

The new 2021-2022 KAS school profile is released!

On September 13, 2021 at 13:00 we will be hosting a Parent Forum to give families an overview of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs offered at KAS- the Middle Years Program and Diploma Program. This will also be an opportunity for parents to hear from our IB Coordinator, Ms. Sara Brodhead.

If you would like to join this virtual meeting, please follow this meeting link.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

下周一 9 月 13 日下午一點將舉辦一場線上家長論壇來向大家介紹我們的 MYP (Middle Years Program)和 IB國際文憑 ( Diploma Program)的兩大課綱內容。 同時這也將是一個與我們新任的 IB主任 Sara Brodhead 女士見面的好機會。
如果您想參加,請點擊此會議連結: meeting link.。 如有任何問題或疑慮,請隨時與我聯繫。

I hope you are enjoying a quiet weekend. I am writing to all parents to follow up on the recent pandemic restrictions announced by Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Qi Mai. 


Our current practice is to allow parents to drop off or pick up their children inside our main gate. We consider this to be safer than having drop off or pick up on the sidewalk outside, so we will continue this practice. Please keep your distance and wear your mask at all times when you are there. 

我們目前的做法是允許家長在學校的大門內接送孩子。 我們考量這比在外面的人行道上上下車更安全,因此我們將繼續這種做法。 請保持距離,並請您在那裡時一直戴著口罩。

Parents may not enter the campus buildings to attend a meeting, to go to the Business Office, to visit a classroom, or for other reasons. If you need to conduct any business at the school before September 25, please make arrangements to meet outside or online. 

家長不得進入校園大樓參加會議、或是前往財務辦公室、參觀教室或出於其他原因。 如果您需要在9月25日之前在學校辦理各項事務,請安排在外面或線上會議。

We are not planning field trips or large assemblies or gatherings with our learners during the next two weeks, and we will be careful to follow our normal protocols: washing hands, wearing masks, watching our distances. 


Also a quick reminder: all students should leave the campus immediately at the end of the school day if they are not in an approved, supervised activity. This includes our high school students. 

還有一個快速的提醒: 如果沒有參加學校所核准,有教師監督的活動,所有的學生都必須在放學後立即離開學校。這包括了高中部的學生。

These are difficult times, but if we cooperate and work together we can keep learning on campus with minimal disruption, and we can keep the KAS community healthy and safe. We will keep you informed if and when any changes to the current restrictions that apply to our school are made. 

這是艱困的時期,但如果我們一起合作並共同努力,我們就可以在校園內繼續學習並將干擾降到最低,同時我們可以保持 KAS 社區的健康和安全。如果到時候有對於適用我們學校目前防疫措施進行任何更動,我們將會通知您。

In hope and solidarity,

Jim Laney Jr.,

Dear KAS Parents

Thank you for joining us on Google Meet yesterday. This meeting won’t be successful without your participation. For those parents who were not able to attend the meeting, we are looking forward to seeing you next time. Please refer to the enclosed file for the first PTA meeting minutes this semester.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Esther Chen
PTA President

KAS recently opened a new feature to KAS Engage, the parent portal and app for KAS Parents – grades & attendance. We’re excited to share this new access with you. We realize how difficult it can be with COVID precautions to feel “engaged” with your child’s classroom learning. We hope that this addition helps you feel empowered to be a partner in your student’s educational journey.

Get Started

We recommend starting with the desktop login first. Do this before using the dedicated Engage app.

  1. Click the link in your email from KAS with the subject, “Welcome to SEQTA Engage”
  2. If you have not received an email from KAS, or your link has expired, please contact the Learning Technology office.
  3. Establish an account name and password for yourself.

Using the Engage App

  1. Login with the desktop login first
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Download the app using the links provided.
  4. Click the “Connect Mobile App” button
  5. Open the email titled “Log in now to SEQTA Engage” and scan the QR code inside using the Engage Mobile app.

Our Board met on Friday afternoon and made the decision to open school with in-person learning on campus on Friday, August 6. The authorities have been supportive, and other international schools on the island are also beginning to open their doors for face-to-face classes. The measures we’re taking and the status of the pandemic in Kaohsiung give us assurance of the health and safety of our community. We will be able to share more details later this week about adjustments we’re making on campus, and the protocols we’ll be following that will be new. For example, we’ll be serving boxed lunches for all students to begin, as we adjust to new restrictions and partitions that we’re adding in the cafeteria for health and safety. I know that we’ll be making many refinements to our practices and protocols as we settle into the school year. 



10 new faculty members will be teaching remotely from other time zones when we start the year. We are preparing TAs and substitute teachers to be in classrooms to supervise and assist with the remote lessons our new faculty will be teaching. Several returning teachers are also caught out of the country or will be in quarantine when the new school year begins, and will need the same support. All our students will be engaged in learning in all of our classrooms from Day 1, even if it looks a bit different than normal. Our principals will share more details later this week. 開學時,10位新的海外聘任老師將在其他的時區同步以遠端遙控的方式上課。開始上課時,教室內將會有助教及代課老師監督及協助老師遠端遙控上課。有一些海外回來的舊老師,因為檢疫隔離的關係或是其他因素滯留海外,也會以遠端遙控方式上課,同時教室內也有相同的人員協助模式上課。學生從開學第一天就會進到教室內學習,雖然這跟我們過去一般正常到校上課的模式有些不同。各部校長們會在這一週稍後跟各位家長分享細節。

I want to thank our three Principals and Curriculum/IB Coordinator for their excellent leadership last week for our new teacher orientation. 17 new teachers forged relationships, discussed our educational values and beliefs, and learned about essential KAS systems and practices. We’re all eager to begin working with our new colleagues this coming week, to prepare for on-campus learning. I’m thankful also that our school’s leaders were willing to work so many hours during July to prepare for a robust virtual KAS program. The pandemic creates a volatile and uncertain environment. If we need to close the campus later in the school year, we’ll be prepared to deliver a robust learning program virtually. 我要感謝三位校長及IB課程主任在過去這一週,在他們優秀的領導下所進行的新老師訓練。17位新老師鍛鍊彼此的關係,討論我們學校的教育價值和信仰,並學習高雄美國學校主要的系統和模式。我們都非常希望在這即將來臨的一週與新同仁一起努力,為讓學生親自到校上課做準備。我很感謝學校的領導階層,在七月的期間花了許多的時間,重新準備開始虛擬KAS課程。疫情對環境創造了許多的變動和不確定性。如果,在開學後的學年中我們需要關閉校園,我們也準備線上網路教授課程。

I know that parents will have many questions regarding the start of the school year. I will host an Open Forum for parents at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 4. The meeting link is HERE. 我知道各位家長對於開學有許多的問題。我將在星期三, 8月4日早上九點30分,舉行一個公開論壇。這個會議的連結在這裡HERE