December Alumni Spotlight

Welcome to Kaohsiung American School’s Alumni Spotlights, an interview series brought to you by Jeremy Wu, class of 2017! Throughout the school year, we will feature Jeremy’s interviews with alumni that touch on everything from their experiences at KAS, to college admissions and navigating the job search.

December’s spotlight features an interview with Audi Liu. Audi graduated from KAS in 2017 and attended UCLA where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. After graduating from UCLA, Audi landed a job as an Engagement Manager (project manager for coding projects) at Amazon.

In this interview, Audi explores various topics in education and career which include:

  • How he stood out from other Amazon internship applicants
  • What it takes to have a coding related job in the US
  • The importance of creating a cohesive and unique story for admission essays
  • How joining the Cadenza club in KAS benefited him later on in life

Interested in Audi’s response to a specific question? Here is the list of interview questions along with the interview timestamp.

  • 0:53: What is an engagement manager?
  • 1:12: What kind of projects do you work on?
  • 3:27: How and why did you transition from a programmer to a project/engagement manager?
  • 4:43: How did you end up with your job?
  • 7:15: What made you stand out from all the other candidates that applied for an Amazon internship?
  • 8:26: Did you plan out your coding projects to fit your career goal or just did projects that interest you?
  • 9:16: What activities/clubs have you participated in KAS that benefited you later in life?
  • 12:55: What are some ideal high school courses for a student planning to pursue computer science in university?
  • 13:40: Do you need a prestigious college education for a coding job?
  • 14:57: Do standardized tests matter?
  • 15:56: Do you recommend learning coding before college?
  • 17:14: How did you find places to do service hours?
  • 18:17: If you could travel back to high school and talk to your younger self, what advice would you give to him/her?