College and University Destinations, KAS Class of 2015

The Art Institute of Seattle  (Washington, USA)

University of British Columbia  (2)  (British Columbia, Canada)

California State University, Northridge  (California, USA)

University of California, Berkeley  (3)  (California, USA)

University of California, Irvine  (2)  (California, USA)

University of California, Los Angeles  (California, USA)

University of California, Riverside  (California, USA)

University of California, San Diego  (2)  (California, USA)

University of California, Santa Cruz  (California, USA)

Colby College  (Maine, USA)

University of Denver  (Colorado, USA)

Fudan University (China)

Harvey Mudd College  (California, USA)

Hawaii Pacific University (Hawaii, USA)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  (3)  (Illinois, USA)

Johns Hopkins University  (Maryland, USA)

Langara College  (British Columbia, USA)

McMaster University  (Ontario, Canada)

Michigan State University  (Michigan, USA)

Middlebury College  (Vermont, USA)

Northeastern University  (Massachusetts, USA)

Pratt Institute  (New York, USA)

Purdue University  (2)  (Indiana, USA)

Queen’s University  (Ontario, Canada)

Quinnipiac University  (Connecticut, USA)

San Diego State University  (California, USA)

School of Visual Arts  (New York, USA)

University of Southern California  (California, USA)

State University of New York (SUNY) College at Oneonta  (New York, USA)

Temple University Japan  (3)  (Japan)

University of Texas at Dallas (Texas, USA)

University of Toronto, St. George  (5)  (Ontario, Canada)

University of Toronto, Scarborough  (Ontario, Canada)

University of the Arts London  (England, UK)

University of Western Ontario  (Ontario, Canada)

Winthrop University  (South Carolina, USA)

University of Wisconsin, Madison  (Wisconsin, USA)

Six members of the KAS Class of ’15 will pursue a “gap year” experience, following their graduation from KAS.

                                    As of August 1, 2015