To help you better understand how technology is used at KAS, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Technology FAQ

Technology FAQs

-How will the students use the laptop in their classes?
There are many ways a laptop are used in the classroom. For example:
  • A vast resource for additional information other than what a teacher and a book provides in a traditional classroom.
  • The ability to quickly download class assignments from a school online resource thereby saving time, expense and paper.
  • The ability for students to expand the walls of their classroom and include other students and experts in the field in online educational discourse.
  • The ability to visualize Mathematical applications through the use of school-provided Math software providing students with a more thorough understanding of concepts presented in class.
  • The ability to directly upload data from their heart rate monitors in P.E. class and import it into graph making programs giving them a visualization of their progress.
  • The ability to simultaneously write documents with students through the use of online tools providing the ability for peer-editing of written work.
  • The ability for students to quickly have their work shown on the classroom’s LCD projector for class discussion.
-Will the laptop be used in every class?
Obviously some subject areas are more technology-dependent than others and it is expected that the laptops will be used heavily each day.
-What are the educational benefits of laptops?
The four main benefits that have been identified by scholarly research are:
    • More engaged learners
    • Better technology skills
    • Cost efficiencies
    • Higher Level of Achievement

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