Efficient Transportation

Preferred parking spaces are reserved for low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles are designated. This encourages the use of alternative-fuel and fuel-efficient vehicles, which produce less air pollutants from vehicular travel compare to conventional gasoline vehicles.

Parking spaces are reserved for carpooled vehicles are also designated on site. Carpooling not only helps energy conservation, but also reduces the amount of vehicle emissions that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and alleviates environmental impacts associated with oil extraction and petroleum refining.

Alternative Transportation

By installing 52 bicycle racks within 200 yards of the school front entrance we are encouraging our community to use alternative modes of transportation.

A new bike lane will cross the entire campus running alongside the new gymnasium and going up to a new entrance off Chengfeng Road.

Our new campus will feature shower and changing facilities in the building to allow our bike users to change before starting their school day.

Green Roof

The terrace has green roof, which has multiple benefits. The vegetated roof surface not only provides habitat, and promote biodiversity, it also mitigate heat island effect especially prevalent in a dense urban setting.

Green roof can also reduce imperviousness and promote infiltration. It in effect acts as a layer of insulation that reduces solar heat absorbed by the roof and thereby reduces energy needed to run air conditioning for the occupied space below.