Message from the Board

Dear KAS Families and Friends,

Thank you for your continuous support for our school. Every day, we are blessed with parents from all over the world who send their most precious children to our campus. We are also blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and dedicated teachers and educators. This cannot be without the selfless contribution in time, effort, and resources from everyone in our school. We thank you.

Every year is a record year for KAS, and this year is no exception. We have reached new heights in enrollment, graduating seniors, academic performance, parent participation, sports, curriculum, school recognition and especially student achievements. We also have the privilege of having the most talented educators in our school.

For 2019-20, we welcome two new principals for middle school and elementary school. Barnaby Payne will join as Middle School Principal, and Jessie Coyle will join as Elementary School Principal. Both acclaimed educators come to KAS with much experience. Their bios are available here on our website. We are so very proud to welcome them to our KAS family.

As we walk alongside the growth and development of your children, we are humbled by this unique opportunity to shape our youth’s future. I want to thank all the parents for their patience and understanding, our students for their diligence, our faculty for their dedication, our staff for their hard work, and our board members for their selflessness.  It is a great pleasure and honor to work together with all of you.


Ken Lin
Chairman, Board of Directors
Kaohsiung American School

Executive Board

Ken Lin


Dr. Julius Tsai

Vice-Chairman, AIT/K Branch Public Affairs Officer

Denny Ko


David Hwang



Susana Yeh


Eric Chang


Cory Pavicich


Tony Shien


Monica Yang


Honorary Board Members

William Harn

Honorary Member

Arthur Lin

Honorary Member

Board Documents

-Board Policies

Board Policy Manual - Approved 111820
Board Policy Manual - Approved 111820
Date: November 18, 2020
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-Board Meetings and Minutes