A Video Message from the Superintendent

2021-2020 School Year

KAS is excited to offer face-to-face instruction in the 2020-2021. While our campus remains closed to visitors except by appointment, students are enjoying engaging classroom time with their teachers, enriching outdoor activities during PE and breaks, and a wide array of specials, extracurricular clubs, and athletics offerings to allow our students to lead a balanced school day.

Our Response Team meets regularly to review and discuss data from reliable, official sources, which include among others, the Taiwan CECC, Taiwan Ministry of Education, and the American Institute in Taiwan. We will continue to collaborate closely with our Board of Directors and keep our community fully informed.


The measures outlined below follow guidelines for schools issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Taiwan Ministry of Education. We have implemented these recommendations, and in the interest of student and staff safety, taken additional measures consistent with other American and International schools across the island.

Mask Usage

KAS has a 100% mask usage policy. All staff, faculty, and students are required to wear a mask while on campus. Students may remove their masks for eating and drinking, as well as certain times during physical activity when directed by a teacher. A social distancing requirement of 1.5m is observed during these times.

Travel Considerations

Effective March 19, all inbound travelers will be required to follow a 14-day period of home quarantine after entering Taiwan. During this time, access to the school campus is not permitted.

For students who need to be away from the classroom for any length of time we ask you to contact your teacher to receive the necessary instruction and assignments. We know that it is difficult to be away from school and we will work hard to support you during this interval away from school.

Guidelines for Student Quarantine Requirements

As previously announced, all students who have traveled outside of Taiwan within the last 14 days must conduct either home quarantine or self-health management, depending on the location.  As with other foreign schools in Taiwan, we are extending these requirements to further protect students and the community.

Effective immediately, the 14 day home quarantine / self-health management, depending on the location of travel, will now extend to the following students:
自即日起,根據旅行地點的不同,14天的居家隔離/ 自主健康管理立即對下列學生生效:

  • -If a student arrives from overseas 如果學生剛從國外回來
  • -If a member of the student’s household arrives from overseas 如果學生家中成員有人剛從國外回來
  • -If the student’s family is hosting a visitor who arrives from overseas 如果學生的家庭有招待來自外國的訪客

Personal Hygiene

These precautions also apply to all adults, including educators, staff, and visiting parents.

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water whenever they are soiled.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Use a face mask if you have a cough or runny nose
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes

The most important message from KAS and the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control is to follow hygiene best practices:For parents, we ask that you check your child’s temperature every day in the morning and evening and ensure that any child with a fever above 37.0 degrees does not come to school. Your role in being our first line of support for the health of your child is vital. If you have any questions, please consult your medical doctor.
We will also be doing daily temperature checks on students throughout the school. Temperatures will be recorded upon arrival to campus. Students with a forehead temperature above 37.0 will be sent home. KAS will provide masks to our health workers and sick children who are in the offices and waiting to be collected.

Data Source: Taiwan CDC