Partner with Us for Future Leaders


The KAS Future Leaders Program is an opportunity for students to learn about the reality of their aspiring career fields under the guidance of esteemed mentors and professionals currently serving in the field while allowing businesses and industries to connect with Kaohsiung’s promising talent of the future. After passing a rigorous selection process, young people will be matched with a mentor that fits their interests and the skill sets needed to be successful in a placement. The mentor organization and FLP staff will collaborate to support the development of young minds for present and future success in a global world.


Students will benefit from the development of their character, professionalism, and ultimately employ their experiences in future academic or vocational endeavors. Mentors will make a lasting contribution and positive impact on the professional development of young and bright students by providing invaluable mentorship, work experience, references, and service.

Benefits for sponsor organizations:

  • Take advantage of a rare opportunity to cultivate and nurture students who shoulder the responsibility of tomorrow.
  • Play a pivotal role in addressing the lack of vocational training and experience in current high school level students.
  • Provide inspiration and insight into career pathways that many students will eventually embark on.
  • Strengthen partnership opportunities with Kaohsiung American School which will provide many benefits beyond regional and international networking.

Benefits for young leaders:

  • Deepen students’ knowledge and expertise in professional career fields.
  • Explore students’ interest in a wide variety of professional experiences.
  • Allow students to succeed in increasingly advanced, engaging, and challenging academic and career paths in college and beyond.
  • Strong ties and references with industry professionals will solidify partnerships and networks that lead to employment possibilities in an increasingly saturated market.
  • Increased community involvement and engagement will highlight the importance and interconnectivity of charity and non-profits within corporations and communities.


Mentorship from renowned mentors and leaders in their respective fields of expertise will assist in the development & maturation of student leadership and professionalism.

Mentors will:

  • Expand, guide, & strengthen students’ career pathways
  • Provide the proper resources, time, and energy to cultivate their respective students

Students will:

  • Emulate exceptional qualities displayed by mentors
  • Thrive and learn under experts in the field


Work and research opportunities provided by sponsors will involve students with hands-on participation in industry-leading projects and operational experience.

Mentors will:

  • Educate mentees on projected goals
  • Supervise mentees in a professional & safe manner
  • Utilize the allotted time to focus on mentee experiential training and activities

Students will:

  • Apply academic knowledge to real world situations
  • Gain experience and confidence in verbal and written communication in the workplace
  • Obtain foundations of career exploration for future decisions on prospective courses of study and career interests


Sponsors and students will build lasting relationships that will benefit both sponsors and students.

Sponsors will:

  • Have an abundant and diverse body of students to select for internships
  • Promote visibility in future university campuses
  • Expand their professional circle

Students will:

  • Increase networking beyond age and social group
  • Establish beneficial relationships with professionals


  • Pass a rigorous application process (students)
  • 30-40 hours over a semester or summer (both students and mentors)
  • Self-evaluations at the beginning, middle, end of semester/summer experience. (both students and mentors)
  • Reflection on their experience in a process journal (students)
  • Communication and check-ins with a program associate bi-monthly (students)
  • Participation in sharing event/exhibition at the end of the apprenticeship (both students and mentors)


Sponsor Organizations come from the following fields

  • Medical and Dental
  • Taiwanese Culture, Language, History and Arts
  • Science and Environmental Conservation
  • Non-profit and Community Organizations
  • Business/Professional


The Future Leaders Program is customizable with respect to the diversity, longevity, and types of partnerships with sponsor organizations. FLP’s current goal is to match motivated sponsors and with highly qualified students to formulate a multinational, multilingual vocational and academic platform for future generations of leaders. As a participant in this program, sponsors and students bridge the gap between academic learning and professional development in college and career readiness.

As part of KAS and the larger international community, we thank you for your interest in the Future Leaders Program!


Tina Wu

Future Leaders Program and Service Learning Coordinator

📞 0965474717

Jessica Huang

Program Coordinator

📞 0987654321

David Hung

Program Associate

📞 0900799898