Dear Former KAS Students

Greetings from each of us at the Kaohsiung American School! We are collecting the names and e-mail addresses of former KAS students that are being entered into a database of graduates or others who attended KAS at some point in time. Once you are a part of the KAS family, you are always in the family!


The Kaohsiung American School has grown and developed considerably during recent years. Most excitingly, we have undertaken the construction of a new campus. We have undergone significant growth in our academic and extracurricular programs. Our enrollment has increased as well and we are now a family with 625 students in our PreK-grade 12 school!
As we personally meet many former KAS students from time to time either on campus, in the greater Kaohsiung community, or elsewhere, the special connection with KAS remains and we now want to share your successes with our present school community.

Thank you.

Dr. Tom Farrell

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It is requested that interested former KAS students use the contact form at the bottom of this page to register as a KAS alum. Please include your name, telephone no., address, information about what you’re currently doing, the dates you attended KAS, and the year of graduation (if you graduated from KAS).