Good news from IB: We are pleased to announce that 95% of our IB DP candidates earned their IB Diploma for 2014. The world average is approximately 78%. Please see the link below for more information on our results.


KAS International Baccalaureate Diploma

KAS was authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program beginning in August 2010.  Our decision to offer the IB DP reflects our belief that the program offers the best opportunities for our students’ learning and for their university preparation.  Students may choose to pursue the Diploma or individual certificates, or they may choose to enroll in courses for regular credit only.  The links below offer a wealth of information on the program in general and on the IB at KAS specifically.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact our IB Coordinator. Ms. Dawn Rock – drock@kas.kh.edu.tw

IB Diploma downloads

Creativity Action Service (CAS)

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IB For Parents

IB Presentation to Parents (中文 and English)

An IB parent testimonial

When my daughter realized I was writing this article on my view of the program as a mother, she stressed that it is not something one would force their children into. It is a program best suited for those that want to complete it for themselves. She graduated from the IB diploma program and understands the challenges students face. Since she was not forced into it but rather chose it for herself, quitting never crossed her mind. She believes the final goal of the program is to help students find the best way to study and prepare for courses. This provides an advantage for future education. Looking back, the hardships in the past has led to a greater understanding of self and provided a gateway to excel in the future.